Quercus Alba

We’ve been making handcrafted bottle openers using reclaimed wood since 2011, but now we’re very proud to announce that we are exclusively using reclaimed oak barrel staves in production. Quercus Alba 2.0 retains the characteristics of our original opener—it’s easy to use and feels good in your hand—all without bending the crown. We also added new features, like an embedded magnet for cap-catching and a convenient ball chain so you can hang it near your fridge or on the neck of your favorite bomber.   

Real Upcycling

The stories of our staves are completely unique. One barrel might have been used for a dozen years to coax flavor into a batch of Kentucky bourbon before it was repurposed to store and flavor an imperial stout. Another may have hosted a floral pinot noir before nurturing a Belgian-inspired farmhouse ale. These stories not only give special character to each opener, they add to the story of the wood: Upcycling at its finest.